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Proud To Be
Wood Restoration Nerds!

At Clean Green Power Washing, we are absolute wood gurus and some probably consider us nerds! We understand that the wood structures you’ve used to grow and make your home unique are big investments. We’ve been professionally trained by UAMCC woodworking leaders to know everything wood. We take pride in knowing the distinct differences and subtitles within each species among a large variety used to build elaborate decks, towering fences, log cabins and vintage garage doors. From common soft woods such as Yellow Pine or Cedar to exotic hardwoods like Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Ipe and other variates of the Cumaru breed, Clean Green Power Washing is proud to be Austin’s leader in wood cleaning, restoring, and refinishing. If you’ve been referred to us by a neighbor or looking for general exterior woodworking information, thank you for stopping by and please feel free to reach out anytime to speak with a specialist. If you’re in between companies to remove old flaking stains or just clean up layers of dirt and other organic growth, make sure that whoever you choose follows the 3 biggest rules of wood restoration: NO HIGH PRESSURE, NO HOT WATER, and NO BLEACHING CHLORINE-BASED CLEANING PRODUCTS!

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Why Does Your Deck Get So Dirty So Quickly?

Realistically, the natural elements in Austin, Texas takes a toll on wood structures, and maintaining your investments can be an overwhelming task. The combination of heavy rains, pollenating trees with copious shade, and intense UV rays from the sun creates a recipe for wood deterioration if not properly treated. It is very common to see wood rot on decks from organic growth dwelling within, preventing the boards to breath and dry. Almost every cedar fence we see is silver, gray or black from oxidation, the woods natural defense of releasing tannin to fight the suns heat and UV rays. Both of these stains can result in rot, and with the cost of replacing expensive wood structure on the rise, the experts at Clean Green Power Washing would be happy to inspect, restore, and provide a solution to drastically extends the life of your investment.

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Rule 1 and 2:

As far as the first two rules, most professional wood cleaning companies abide by this protocol knowing that high pressure, anything above 1500psi, and heat will not only damage wood by scarring and splintering, but is also unable to remove deep organic growth such as lichen embedded in the pores. If you’ve ever tried to pressure wash a really dirty unsealed deck with only water, you could relate that immediately upon completion, while the wood is still wet, the overall product seems to have over gone a drastic improvement. Without discrediting and also admiring the hard work, you most likely would find that when dry, the deck is left slightly discolored, maybe fuzzy, and potentially scarred with line marks where pressure applied was started, stopped or left to long on one spot. When just using water and pressure, the dirt, mold, and mildew already in the wood’s pores is now embedded even deeper. Even if you applied a waterproofing sealer from your local hardware store, within 6 months, the tedious hours you put into pressure washing and sealing your deck is now back to its original condition.

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Soft Washing vs. Restoring

Professional pressure washing companies use a soft washing technique to accomplish a variety of services. From washing houses with delicate materials to safely disinfecting roofs without walking on them, the soft washing method is particularly important when cleaning wood. As mentioned earlier, high pressure and even heat can’t completely restore wood, so professionals soft wash them. Soft washing is the use of specialized equipment to apply cleaning solutions that target stubborn organic stains by penetrate deep into the pores, removing the roots of unwanted growth and rinsing them away with safe low pressure. The most common soft washing solution is the chemical, sodium hypochlorite, known as bleach, which can be extremely effective if used properly to treat inorganic substrates such as concrete, brick, or vinyl siding, but the use of it on an organic surface, such as wood, is extremely destructive. While the immediate finished product of soft washing wood with bleach can make for contrasting before and after pictures, the corrosive after effects will far out way the instant gratification. As most know from removing stains in clothing items, bleach almost instantly oxidizes whatever it comes in contact with and turns the stain blistering white. The same reaction happens with wood, although on an exponential level, since the bleach is being applied at a much higher concentration. The sad reality of pressure washing companies who use bleach to soft wash wood is that they permanently blonde the wood, stripping the natural tones that give each board its own characteristic. Not only is the appearance forever changed, but the structural integrity of the wood is also compromised. Bleach does remove the green, black and gray stains, but it also breaks down resin, which is the wood’s natural glue holding it together. This breakdown instantly fuzzes the wood like a peach, resulting in loss of grain texture and eventually promotes rot. In some cases, bleach is applied to wood and never even rinsed which not only expedites the internal deterioration but also rusts every nail or screw it comes in contact with. At Clean Green Power Washing, we don’t just clean wood, we restore it. Restoring wood consists of using a non-bleaching, eco-friendly solution to clean and disinfect, then follow up with a second brightening solution which not only brings the wood back to it’s original condition, but also neutralizes the ph balance. Simply put, we soft wash wood the right way, safely restoring your structure and leaving them looking like the day they left the lumber yard.

Why Choose Clean Green Power Washing?

Clean Green Power Washing is not one of those bleach slinging, spray-and-go kind of companies. We take pride in our work with results that are designed to last, not destroy. The actuality of wood cleaning is that it’s not pressure, it’s not heat, it’s not bleach, it’s pure chemistry! Every project is unique, and that’s why we carry 7 different eco-friendly, non-bleaching chemicals with a variety of multi-step processes to clean, restore, refinish, and maintain your investment. Clean Green Power Washing has the knowledge and experience to tackle any wood project. We are thoroughly confident in knowing the correct solutions to apply, and the right process to restore your wood because it’s how we treat our own personal wood projects.