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Soft Washing
Pressure Washing

At Clean Green Power Washing, we know that every home is unique and requires special techniques to get the job done right. If you look at our equipment, you might say to yourself, “Man… those guys have some serious pressure!”, and you definitely wouldn’t be wrong. Some of our machines are exerting over 4000 psi, but you might also be surprised that the machines we mainly use to clean homes are putting out much less– sometimes as low as 150 psi, the equivalent of a garden hose. Low pressure cleaning with eco-friendly solutions and high-water flow is called soft washing. While pressure washing can be great for flat surface concrete cleaning, soft washing is a safer way to clean the delicate materials on your home with results to match. We know Central Texas, and the materials that builders use to create beautiful homes through winding hills. These materials range from locally sourced limestone excavated in nearby quarries to painted wood historical buildings with hand blown glass. The professionals at Clean Green Power Washing are trained to know when, and how much pressure to use so that your house is never damaged and left high quality results.

What Kind of Stain Do You Have?

Our technicians at Clean Green Power Washing are stain recognition experts. There are many variations of stains that can be seen on a single home, some are easily noticeable but others require a trained eye with a little investigative work. Stains are classified into two main categories:
organic and inorganic.

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Is You Home Dirty or Contaminated?

Organic stains are those found in nature, such as mold, mildew, fungus and algae. All of which are found on the Top 10 Allergy Irritants list and known to cause Sick Building Syndrome and Legionnaires Disease. These stains can be transmitted by direct contact such as the formation of mildew from improper gutter flow run-off or splash back of rain water hitting nearby objects like trees, AC units, trash cans, or even the ground. Organic stains can also accumulate through airborne contamination and is particularly noticeable on the north and west side facing walls of your home where the average surface temperature is generally lower. Beginning stages of organic stains can appear in different shades of greens and blacks ranging from linear or sheet like shapes. One of the most common algae found dwelling in Austin White Cobble limestone is Gloeocapsa Magma, a black stain which blankets susceptible surfaces and feeds off the calcium rich stone. Some of the more destructive organic stains that can appear when not treated are lichen and moss. These micro plant-like structures are a combination of algae and fungus that hold water and contain acidic properties which compromise the structural security of a substrate. Regardless of the species, it is important to have a professional soft wash any organic stain so that not only the topical deposits are removed, but also the embedded roots, preventing sudden flash blooms and keeping your home cleaner longer.

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Stains That Other Companies Run From?

Inorganic stains are man-made and can be trickier to identify such variations of iron oxides, paint oxidation, efflorescence, calcium and other hard water stains. In order to clean these stains, we have to fully understand where it derived, it’s chemical composition, and the proper solution to breakdown and neutralize the stain. Some of the most common inorganic stains found on Austin homes is red/orange clay stains. Clay stains are located around the foundation, typical a few feet off the ground, seeping into concrete underpinnings and limestone walls. This stain comes from years of natural iron sediment in rich clay dirt being absorbed up into your home. If left untreated long enough, clay stains can cause permanent discoloration or structural damage. Another common iron-based stain appears on the side of your home, stretching from a soffit port and running downward as it goes. This inorganic stain is caused when an AC drip pan becomes rusted and the plumbed overflow transfers the contents to the outside of your home. Inorganic stains can be tough to remove, and in fact, most pressure washing companies will tell you they can’t be removed. If there’s anything that we can express the most, make sure that whoever does claim they can remove a stubborn inorganic stain, isn’t carelessly using raw caustics and acids. This is extremely destructive for your home, and even more harmful for your family, let alone the technician. We carry a variety of industry standard solutions designed to specifically target inorganic stains with buffers that eliminate toxic fumes and neutralize the solution before we leave. If you have a tough exterior stain that you thought or were previously told could never be restored, call the specialists at Clean Green Power Washing to give you more than a safe stain removal, but also an explanation and solution.

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Concerned about your plants?

We get it. We have made it our mission to be more than a “spray and pray” company and keep your plants top priority! This motto stems from our roots, as we are gardeners ourselves, and understand just how much time, energy and love goes into keeping your plants healthy. We are certified in organic stain recognition and carry non-hazardous solutions that are bio-degradable and specifically designed to target mold and mildew. Before we even begin to clean your home, we make sure that your vegetation is protected by thoroughly moistening the landscape, allowing your plants to fill their systems with clean water. During the cleaning, we will not only be checking on your plants constantly to ensure they are properly buffered with water, but most importantly, rinse, rinse, rinse! We continue to rinse and divert the run-off to areas that do not contain delicate plants. Lastly, when we are done servicing, we will decontaminate your plants by neutralizing our soaps, ensuring that not only are your plants are cared for, but also your pets and loved ones.

Why Choose Clean Green Power Washing?

Our technicians at Clean Green Power Washing love what we do! There’s no better feeling than witnessing night and day transformations right in front of our eyes. We hold our standards high, and treat your home like our own. When we clean it, we mean it! Our technicians are meticulous in detail and clean every square inch of your home. In order to get mind-blowing results, we have to know our industry in and out, we have to be pressure washing nerds! We enjoy the challenge of dissecting each stain before we even unreel our hoses. From heavy organic lichen stains that dwell within the porous natural stone substrates to orange inorganic clay stains leaching into underpinnings from high iron content in our soil, Clean Green Power Washing has a solution for every exterior stain.